Mud mix supplier in Punjab | Gravel Supplier in punjab

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September 20, 2021
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Mud mix supplier in Punjab | Gravel Supplier in punjab

Commercial or residential buildings or whatever construction-related things need something to handle the whole structure which we call base. The construction contains a lot of materials like sand, cement, iron rods, bricks, stones, etc.

Mud mix is a way of components of drilling and fluid mixing up, generally composed of water, clay, and other chemicals. Mud mix suppliers in Punjab are initially very important for the supply of the mixed mud for the better strengthening of the paste for the building blocks, and iron rods to keep in place strongly. This paste is very useful in holding the whole constructional structure into a whole. 

Mud mix is used as a paste for a better hold over the structure and the blocks to firmly stand in the place and adapt to it. The mud mix is used as a paste to hold the whole structural parts like iron rods, blocks, rocks and wooden or iron frameworks, etc. 

On the other hand, gravels can be used for constructive as well as decorative purposes. The Gravel Supplier in punjab has one of the most useful forms of stones, these come in very different sizes, shapes, and colors. 


Gravels are defined as small stones which measure from 3/16 to 3 inches which is 4.8 in diameter at most. They can have sharp edges or can be smooth or rough as well, they can be natural or man-made. Smaller than 3/16 inches falls under the category of sand whereas larger than 3 inches comes under rocks. 


Gravel Supplier in punjab has different types of gravels present in their storage, where rocks which are broken till the recognizable size of gravel are also present. There are some following types of gravels used for construction and decoration purposes: 

  1. Aquarium Gravel commonly used for aquarium decoration, 
  2. Bank gravel is found in sand and helps the sand to hold the plants firmly, 
  3. Beach/ creek/ river stones are found somewhere near beach or river, are mainly smooth in texture, and are mainly used for outdoor decoration, 
  4. Black/ red lava stones are essence from lava and are used for outlining the gardens, 
  5. Chat is commonly used for road construction and some other constructive purposes, 
  6. Crushed granites are used to form a path for decorative as well as constructive purposes. 

Rocks and mud mix both plays a very important and essential role in constrictive as well as decorative purposes. These Mud mix supplier in Punjab has almost every component to prepare different types of mud-mix. 

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